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About Us

Lynda McKeown, a dental hygienist registered with the CDHO has an Honours BA degree in Philosophy, a specialty in occupational ethics, and a MA in Sociology. She holds life memberships in ODHA and CDHA. Her dental hygiene career has involved work with all ages in: private practice, public health, long term care, breath odour treatment, research, and education.

She participated in Assessing & Taking Action on Oral Health for Older Adults in Canada Nov 2012 Edmonton, and Oral Health Think Tank 2016 cohosted by University Alberta and Schlegel Center Excellence and innovation in Aging (RIA).

For 14 years Lynda was administrator, researcher and clinical therapist at the Breath Odour Clinic in Thunder Bay, where she carried out research on breath odour: Social Relations and Breath Odour International Journal Dental Hygiene L. McKeown, 2003; 1:213-217. And with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. “The analysis of oral air using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry in persons with and without a history of oral malodour” Brian M. Ross, Neema Dadgostar, Lynda McKeown, Marlene Bloom, Int J Dent Hygiene 7, 2009; 136–143)

As a member of Senior Health Research Transfer Network, oral care community of practice Lynda developed and delivered a webinar on Halitosis which can be viewed at: YouTube

Lynda served on the Federal Dental Care Advisory Committee and contributed to the report “Dignity with a Smile: Oral Health Care for Elders in Residential Care” M. I. MacEntee; W. MacInnis; L. McKeown; T. Sarapuchiello. Oral Care

She coauthored with Marcia Carr Chapter 7 “Oral Health, Dysphagia and Aspiration Pneumonia in Oral Healthcare and the Frail Elder: A Clinical Perspective, edited by Michael MacEntee et al. And her photos of mouths of residents in LTC are included in Chapter 20 High- Risk Patients..LTC coauthored by May-Lou van der Horst and Donna Bowes in Hardy Limeback’s Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry April 2012 Wiley-Blackwell. She was CDHO's representative to Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care: A Community University research Alliance Palliative Alliance Researchers.

She has provided oral care in LTC homes for 15+ years. She and RNAO Best Practice Coordinator Heather Woodbeck carried out an ‘Action Plan Do’ Study from 2010 to 2011 in a 96-bed Long Term Care Home in Thunder Bay. Results were presented in poster format at conferences, and published in the Canadian Journal Dental Hygiene 2014;48(2):57-62 “ A Journey to improve oral care with best practices in long-term care.”

Lynda McKeown, RDH, HBA, MA