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Important Oral Health Links

College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario
To develop, advocate and regulate safe, effective dental hygiene practice for the promotion of oral health and well-being of the public of Ontario. 

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
The CDHA serves the dental hygienist in supporting their efforts to provide high quality accessible care to Canadians.

The Ontario Dental Hygienists' Association
Whether you are researching product information or looking for an answer to an oral care concern, we hope you find this site valuable. Enjoy your visit.

Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry
Our association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance the art and science of dental public health, and by its application, maintain and improve the oral health of Canadians. 

International Federation of Dental Hygienists
uniting dental hygienists from around the world in their common cause
of promoting dental health.

Oral Health and the Aboriginal Child
This site provides a home for resources, teaching tools, program information and research articles on oral health and the Aboriginal child. We hope it will be helpful to you whether you are a parent, caregiver, health professional, and researcher or just interested in improving the health and well being of Aboriginal children.

BreathDoc - The Science of Bad Breath | Articles
a unique online journal designed to keep you informed about bad breath issues, provide you with tips on keeping your breath fresh, discuss bad breath products and treatment options, and answer your questions about transient & chronic halitosis and related problems like dry mouth and TMAU.

Oral Health Resources
Center for Disease Control provides useful information regarding the importance of Oral Health.

This site provides up-to-date information and advice on everything you ever wanted to know about the breath, body odors, fine fragrances etc.

Regional Geriatric Program Central
The Regional Geriatric Program central (RGPc), located at St. Peter's Hospital in Hamilton, is one of 5 regional geriatric programs located in Ontario. All the sites (London, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston and Eastern Ontario) are affiliated with Academic Health Science Centres. The RGPc is affiliated with McMaster University and sponsored by Hamilton Health Sciences.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority - Pamphlets available for download

Manitoba Healthy Smile Happy Child Pamphlets The Winnipeg Health Region serves residents of the City of Winnipeg as well as the Rural Municipalities of East and West St. Paul, with a total population of just over 700,000 people. The Health Region also provides health care support and specialty referral services to nearly half a million Manitobans who live beyond these boundaries as well as residents of northwestern Ontario and Nunavut who require the Speciality referral services and expertise available within the Winnipeg Health Region.

Gum (Periodontal) Disease
Gum (periodontal) disease is an infection of the gums and surrounding tissues that hold teeth in place. The two forms of gum disease are gingivitis, a mild form that is reversible with good oral hygiene, and periodontitis, a more severe form that can damage the soft tissues and bone that support teeth. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

Oral Health - Healthy Living 篶ernment of Canada, Health Canada
Defines oral health, presents basic facts about periodontal disease, gives an overview of preventative techniques for maintenance of a healthy mouth and gums and provides links to more detailed resources and information

University of Alberta Bad Breath Research Clinic
Information about Causes and Treatment of Bad Breath (Halitosis) Consumer Information, Self Help Information Dental and Medical Information.

Measure Bad Breath Scientifically: The HalimeterⲾ Complete technical details on Interscan's Halimeter--an instrument used in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic halitosis.

OraVital - A healthy mouth for a healthy body
The Oravital㹳tem is a uniquely effective dental patient care program focused on the early detection and treatment of oral infections including periodontal problems (gum disease) and halitosis (persistent bad breath).

Mouthcare Resources for Caregivers: Fact Sheets & Video Clips

Long Term Care & CaregiversIn 2000, the University of Manitobaåntre for Community Oral Health (CCOH) expanded its focus in caring for underserved populations through the creation of the Health Promotion Unit (HPU). The Health Promotion Unit made a significant commitment to improve the oral health of dependent individuals that included working with the long-term care (LTC) facilities of Deer Lodge Centre and Manitoba Developmental Centre, as well as the Home Dental Care (mobile van) program, which visits over 40 LTC facilities in the Winnipeg area.

SHRTN Senior Health Research Transfer Network

SHRTN ORAL CARE community of practice
Excellent videos for providing oral care in long term care homes.

Journey To Improving Oral Care
Journey to Improve oral care with best practices in long-term care.